I tend to geek out on studying cultural change. Because of the jobs I’ve had to date, coaches have been great subjects to study, whether up close (Chip Kelly) or afar (many others). Watching David Blatt inherit the job of coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers — LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers — is a fascinating case study to watch this season. And today, Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA’s best beat reporter, had this piece on the subject.

An excerpt that I found applicable for what we’re doing here at OU: 

“Because of the body of work I’ve already had, I do trust my instincts,” Blatt told Yahoo Sports. “But I do also recognize that to come in and change the entire landscape is neither realistic, nor is it palatable to the people that I’m working with. It’s got to be a process. It’s got to be something that happens over time; something built on trust, built on belief – and hopefully built on some modicum of success.

“You have to be creatively realistic.”

Small victories, I keep calling them. And we’ve had our share this semester. Last night, as the students found their local slice of the Ferguson story, and reported until 2:15 a.m., was one. Here’s their coverage, and, afterward, my favorite tweet of the semester from a student, a freshman.

There are so many parts of this job that I love. But one of the best, and one I’m most thankful for each time it happens, is that moment when we get to help students see that they can do more than they thought possible. It opens new horizons for them, and for our organization.

And that’s where we make real and lasting change.

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