Where we’ll work

Google Drive

We will write our stories or scripts in Google docs, set the share settings to “CAN EDIT” and then share them in a public folder for peer and instructor editing. If the folder is being wonky, also share the file in the #general channel of our class Slack. Edit by leaving comments, questions and suggestions as you see fit.

Every piece can be improved. Be constructive. Be real. But don’t be a jerk.

Remember, part of your participation grade will account for how engaged you are in providing genuine feedback to help your peers succeed.


This free app (download it), as a student once put it to me, is Group Me for grown ups. We will use it as a great real-time communication tool as many newsrooms do. Join our class team, which is domain name JMC3023. I’ve sent invitations to the OU email addresses of all who were enrolled as of June 1 and will update again as class starts. If you haven’t already joined, you can do so at this link with your ou.edu email address. Use that email as your user name and then create a password and you’re in.

It’s fairly intuitive from there. There’s a #general channel for main class business, a #random channel if you all want to talk about whatever else and we can create any other channels for different topics as needed. You can also private message one another as you may continue conversations about individual stories outside of class.

I’ll send reminders to the general channel at times about assignments and due dates, and if you need to reach me as you work on a story it’s probably the fastest way to track me down.


This platform, again free, is where we’ll share our finished work with broader audiences before, hopefully, they’re picked up by other outlets. You just need to accept my invitation to become a contributor to my blog.

When you have the final version of an assignment due or your Story behind the story post here’s what to do.

  1. Publish the post to as a contributor to my site.
  2. Email me the post link so I can go directly to it.
  3. I’ll approve your submission so it appears on our site.

Doodle polls

I’ve set these up for each individual writing conference in my office. Look for them on each assignment post (here, for example, is the one for Essay). Sign up to schedule when you want to meet with me to discuss your story. Do so as we progress through the semester, or sign up for your preferred time now for all the assignments. It’s first come, first served.

Questions on any of these? Let me know.

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