Q: I know you switched your major to journalism fairly recently. Tell me a little bit about that.

A: Well, I started off as a business major because that’s what my dad did and I just thought that I would be successful in that, but I’m more of a creative person so I finally decided that that was not the route for me. I suck at macro and math and pretty much everything you need for business. I switched to journalism because I like design and writing and I thought that was a good way to mesh those and that it also was a way for me to use my artistic inclinations in a more practical way.

Q: When did your artistic inclinations start?

A: My mom had me entering … she had me in art classes for as long as i can remember. In downtown Tulsa she would take me on Saturdays to go do painting classes and photography classes. She had me entering photography competitions when I was in kindergarten and we would just go and I would have these blurry pictures of flowers at a park or something that I thought looked good. I got an honorable mention a couple of times. It was a big to-do.

Q: You mentioned kind of like journalism as a practical usage of your artistic inclinations and your father’s business being something that pushed you towards that. Why is the sense of practicality important to you?

A: Just thinking about going out and saying “Oh I want to be an artist. I’m going to be a painter” I don’t know. To me… I don’t know that just doesn’t seem like something that I want to pursue and doesn’t seem very practical. I guess I want something that’s a little bit more safe and something that I can I can kind of rely on.

Q: When you say safe and stable, what do those words mean to you?

A: I want a job. I want a 9 to 5. I guess I don’t want a freelance painter. I know people have made it out there in the world and that’s great that’s wonderful. I don’t know. I like routine and having something to depend on.

Q: Do you think that in any way stifles the creative experience that you could potentially have?

A: No, not really because I like to keep that stuff up as a hobby too and if I did ever want to do photography for someone or like paint for someone I would do that on the side but I feel like now that I’m so honed in on what I want to do that it really kind of cultivates the inspiration.

Q: What is it about the magazine industry that’s compelling to you?

A: I’ve always had a passion for like fashion and now I’m working in weddings which is really cool, but it’s a way to combine those interests with writing and photography and all that stuff.

Q: In a combination of a career that is both safe and stable as well as artistic, what does that look like to you in five years?

A: I think I would like to work at Brides of Oklahoma for a little bit after I graduate. I don’t think I want to stay there forever but right now I’m only doing an internship position and I see what a lot of the other women are doing and involved in. I kind of want to immerse myself in that a little bit more.

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