With almost 200 likes and a cover photo of a large room packed full of college women, the OU Delight Facebook page continues to gain attention. Seniors Rachel Lukaszek and Riley Rohrer use social media to spread information about the ministry, which they hope can be a safe community for women at The University of Oklahoma to make friends and learn about the gospel.

According to the Delight Ministries website, “Delight is a nationwide ministry that invites college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.”

Haley Dobson: Why did you want to bring Delight to OU?

Riley Rohrer: There’s a lack of community, especially among women, in regards to their walk with the Lord at OU. So, it was to provide an opportunity for girls to come together and have a complete Christ-centered community. There’s also something to be said when it’s only girls.

HD: How do you run Delight?

Rachel Lukaszek: It’s at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays and we make breakfast every week. At 6 a.m. this week Riley and I were making cinnamon rolls in the kitchen and our roommate had made a frozen pizza in the oven, so it had sprinkled onto the inside. I opened the oven and smoke came out and set off our fire alarm. (the two laugh at the memory)

HD: How many women come to the weekly meetings?

RR: Our numbers vary a lot. Last year, pretty consistently, we had like 40 to 50 give or take. Our first meeting this year we had about 85 girls.

HD: Do you think those numbers will keep growing?

RR: I think it will the more people hear about it, but it’s hard for us because it’s hard to reach people outside of the Greek community. But, I think it will continue to grow especially the more freshman learn about it.

RL: It’s also crazy how many people said that they just saw us on social media, which we didn’t expect.

HD: Do women show up often who you have never met before?

RR: Oh yeah. We had a fifth year senior last year. We had put fliers up on bulletin boards around campus, which I didn’t think anyone looked at. She came all by herself and said that she saw a flier in the Union.

RL: A lot of freshmen were like, “oh we followed you (on social media) last year, and we’ve been excited to come.”

HD: What has been the impact on these women?

RR: I’ve had a lot of girls who have told me specifically that it’s been so neat for them. It’s been kind of like a safe haven for people and like stress relief in a way. This year, at our first meeting we had them break into groups by grade and just talk about what they’re nervous about and what their hopes are for the year. I got to sit with the freshman and hear them talk about how they were so worried about making friends this year, so I think it’s been a cool outlet for people to actually make friends, especially for people who aren’t involved in Greek life.

HD: How does leadership work in Delight and who will take over once you graduate?

RR: We purposefully have younger girls on leadership, so they can learn from us. There’s going to be some changes (next year), so we will see.

HD: How has Delight impacted you personally?

RL: I think for me it’s just kind of been a restful place. Being able to stand up in front of a group of women and be very vulnerable about what you’re walking through and how the Lord is moving in your life can be really intimidating. I think it’s been really good for me to have that experience. We do small groups, and it’s just good to hear where everyone is at and to know that you’re not alone. I think that’s been a big deal for a lot of people, but it’s been a big deal for me too.

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